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Beginner’s Guide to a Perfect Matcha Latte

matcha latte

You’ve probably seen this green coffee replacement appearing on the menu of all the trendiest coffee houses, but is it really possible to make a frothy, delicious, Pinterest-worthy matcha latte at home? I’m here to show you how and share my top 6 tips for the best matcha latte. Let’s make some matcha!


1 teaspoon Kiss Me Organics Culinary Grade Matcha
1 tablespoon hot water (not boiling)
1 cup milk or nondairy alternative
Sugar or sweetener to taste


Sift your Kiss Me Organics Culinary Matcha into a large mug or matcha bowl. Add hot water and whisk until powder is dissolved into a smooth syrup. Heat milk and sugar over medium heat, stirring often until small bubbles start to appear around the edge of the saucepan (do not let boil). Froth the milk until foamy. You can use a handheld mixer or whisk for this step. Add frothed milk to your large mug or matcha bowl.

Tips For Matcha Latte Success!

  1. Try adding a little sweetness to your latte with honey, stevia, agave, or maple syrup. The sweet notes taste delicious combined with the distinct “umami” of matcha.
  1. Some sweeteners (like Stevia) are much sweeter than sugar, so you will need less. Start off by adding a small amount (a little squirt of liquid Stevia will go a long way).
  1. A hint of vanilla in your matcha latte makes for a lovely pairing. Vanilla powder works best but a couple of drops of vanilla extract will do in a pinch.
  1. For vegans and matcha lovers who are lactose intolerant, feel free to use soy or almond milk, or coconut milk.
  1. Matcha has a tendency to clump if not properly mixed this is why I whisk my matcha with a little water and sweetener first.
  1. Make it fancy with some whipped cream. You can use regular whipped cream or a whipped cream alternative (matcha whipped cream? Yes please!). I opt for coconut because I love coconut flavored anything, but you can experiment to find your favorite flavor.

Feel free to experiment with different flavor powders, sweeteners, non-dairy alternatives, and toppings. Finding your favorite matcha latte is half the fun. Once you figure out what floats your boat, you won’t be able to start your day without one. I guarantee it!



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